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havest time & me final.jpg

Michelle Dinelle is an award winning artist working from her home studio in Toronto, Canada.


She creates whimsical paintings with her dynamic use of bright and vibrant colors paired with her unique signature style of circles, swirls and dots. 


Harvest Time | 24"x48" | Acrylic on Canvas | Michelle Dinelle Abstracts


'Michelle's paintings seem to flow flawlessly, the paint dancing along the canvas in a whirlwind of emotion that radiates from each element, as if it was meant to be there and just waiting to be brought to life'. Andres Silvera, Visual Artist

Michelle's artworks have been published, awarded and recognized in global competitions and are held in private collections throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Active in the Toronto arts community with her works often included in curated gallery exhibitions and displayed in local business establishments.

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